The last decade has turned the housing market upside-down, and the stress of selling a home for a fair price in Alabama has never been higher. 

Even if you feel pressured to sell immediately, take some time and ask yourself a few questions: why do you want to sell your home? What is the minimum price you would accept? Have you had your home appraised? Follow these seven steps and you will that much be closer to moving forward.

  1. Create a List of Reasons for Why You Want to Sell Your Home

Selling a home is rarely something someone does on a whim. Before you list your home for sale, you should be able to come up with several good reasons for making this dramatic decision. Consider these reasons to list your home for sale:

  • The housing market in your area is hot and the demand is there.
  • Your family has grown and it’s time to move.
  • Your home is too big for your needs, and your children are leaving the nest.
  • You feel the need to give up the home and experience new things in the next chapter of your life.
  1. Create a Plan

Once you’ve considered the reasons, it is time to think of an “exit strategy” that will fit your timeframe. This will be the plan that will guide you through the next steps. This is where the specialists at Local Home Buyers can assist you.

  1. Get an Appraisal for Your Home

When is the last time you have had your home appraised? This is an important step and a task that should not be overlooked. This specialized service will provide you with valuable insight into the value of your home, giving you a realistic view of how much you should be able to get for it.

Local Home Buyers can offer a list of vetted appraisers in your area. The best appraiser for your house should be able to offer your house’s value in terms of comparable homes, just like the appraisal for the selling of a new home.

  1. Understand the Current Housing Market

Knowing the current housing market in Alabama is the first step in understanding your possible selling price. For example, say you own a home that was built in the 1970s and is currently valued at $100,000. Do you need to lower your asking price? Or will some maintenance or landscaping work on the property make it worth the market value or more?

To get an accurate sense of how your house is valued, do some research with an online real estate platform like Zillow or Look at comparable homes in your area, find out what makes them different, and determine if you can “invest” in your home’s value within your selling timeframe.

  1. Determine Your Target Price

Once you have a market value, take a step back and look at what amenities provide additional value to your home. Do a walkthrough and note any advantages you can include. Even if there are improvements you have not had money or time to make (like new paint, a deck, or a kitchen remodel), mark them as design possibilities for potential buyers.

Many cities have access to real estate pricing. Cities like Huntersville have housing expos that can give you great ideas for housing value, so look on the website for your city and what homes are listed for sale. In order to price your home correctly, you need to know what homes are selling for in your neighborhood. If homes near yours are selling for a much lower price, it may be more difficult to sell at your asking price without unique home features.

  1. Consider the Timing of the Sale

Depending on the exact timetable for your move, you may want to consider a market-driven strategy. To avoid being tied up with the move long after the house is no longer appealing to potential buyers, consider listing your home when interest rates are as low as possible. According to the National Association of Realtors, interest rates in Alabama have increased two-tenths of a percent and may increase to 3.5% in 2022. This is why selling your home for cash is so helpful!

  1. Sell Your Home to Local Home Buyers in Huntersville, Alabama

Get your home’s appearance and price reviewed by a professional interior designer. Ask friends and family for advice. If you have no offers within your timeframe, consider contacting the professionals at Local Home Buyers. Give us a call to evaluate your home; no matter its condition, we will pay for your home with cash at the right price. 

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