There’s no reason to feel the chill of winter when the holidays are right around the corner! Here’s how to decorate your home for comfort and cheer.

The night may be longer and darker, but it’s amazing what a bit of color and warmth can do for the mood in your home. From the orange and yellow of Thanksgiving to the sparkling reds, blues, and greens of Christmas, there are many different ways you can style your home in winter. Here are a few winter home decorating ideas you can follow to celebrate the season.

Bring Comfort to Your Home

Bring the holidays into your home and surround yourself with warm holiday colors. Use winter white as an accent color in small areas such as the front entryway and add orange accents to tables and ornaments around the house. If you’re feeling particularly festive, select some hanging lights to hang in your windows.

There’s no denying the cozy factor of a good old-fashioned quilt. Blankets or comforters are great for snuggling under on a chilly night, but they’re also great for decorating a dining table. Both use the same techniques, whether they’re for small areas or big.

Relax with Natural Lighting

Tying in the Christmas season with holly and candles is a fun way to add a finishing touch to the home. Not all light needs to be harsh and harsh. You can use soft, indirect lighting to set the mood, or even to bring more light into the room. Other great winter home decorating ideas for lighting include painting your walls with warm colors like beige, fall hues, and even creme.

Use Warm Textures

For a more cozy and comforting feel, warm and woolen textures should be used. Exposed brick, soft velvet, and rich fabrics such as chocolate brown are great for adding a cozy vibe to your home. 

Wrap Up Your Tree In Lights

It’s never too early to set up the Christmas tree! Getting your house decked out for the holidays is one thing. But decorating your Christmas tree is something you can enjoy with the whole family. 

Lighting your tree is a popular holiday tradition. But the last thing you want is to start a fire. Stay safe and purchase lights that have a brand name you recognize, like UL (Underwriters Laboratories), or American and Ball. Pick up LED lights that remain cool no matter how long they are left on.

Create Beautiful Holiday Wreaths

A pretty wreath makes a dramatic statement in any room of the house, but how do you make it yours? With a few bunches of grapes, berries, and greenery, you can experiment with different themes. A fanciful arrangement from the fancy home décor store really shows you know how to stand out.

Also, think about adding a string of lights on your wreath. With different lengths and the right amount of color saturation, your wreath will become a focal point in your home. If you’re feeling adventurous, try wrapping ribbons of blue or purple around your wreath.

Decorate Your Home With Nature

The simplest way to warm up the living room is to decorate with colorful greenery. You can either use a small artificial tree or even fresher branches from your yard. Adding foliage gives your home a bright feel and the aroma is heavenly! When you need to add a bit more of nature to your home, try placing a basket of greenery and pine cones in your living room.

Introduce the Scents of the Holidays to Your Entire Home

One of our best winter home decorating ideas is to liven up the smell and flavor of your home in the winter. Serve up the fragrance of citrus by storing citrus peels in an ice cube tray and leaving them in the freezer for at least a week. Using orange peels and orange and lemon juice in your cooking is a surefire way to add the bright, juicy flavors you love without draining your bank account. 

There are so many different herbs that you can put in your spice cabinet that add a hint of flavor to your dishes. Thyme, rosemary, oregano, sage, and parsley are all wonderful additions to your winter menu. Lastly, there is nothing like the smell of fresh pine in the winter, and you can have just about any type of pine, ranging from the classic pine tree to the pine cone, put in your home.

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