There’s a lot of work behind the scenes when it comes to how to stage a home, and many beginners don’t know the etiquette. 

You need to stage a home if you’re hoping for a quick sale at a good price, and staging takes a lot of time. It can also take a lot of money, so many sellers wonder if it’s even worth staging at all. The good news is, you can stage a home for free using the things you already have on hand. Here’s how:

Clean, Clean, Clean

The number one tip we have to stage a home for free is to clean. Not just a quick pickup around the house, but clean it thoroughly from top to bottom, inside and out. Power wash the outside to remove any dirt and grime and make your house look new again. Wash the windows, inside and out. Wipe down the walls and baseboards. Clean the bathrooms and scrub the floors. Don’t forget small corners where grime can gather easily. Use an old toothbrush to get around faucets and other tight spaces. A clean house will draw potential buyers much more quickly than a dirty one.

Throw Out Junk

Decluttering goes hand-in-hand with cleaning. Even if your house is spotless, it can easily look dirty when it’s filled with junk. Go through every single space in your home and find things to throw out or to put in storage. Get rid of stacks of magazines, piles of trinkets, and your dead old plants sitting in the corner. Clear off countertops, tables, and sinks. Reduce the amount of stuff in your house by at least a third. Clutter-free homes look bigger, feel cleaner, and allow buyers to envision themselves living there. 

Switch Things Up

You’ve gotten so used to things the way they are in your house that it can be hard to think of it any other way. But sometimes a fresh new look is needed. Try rearranging the furniture to create feng shui. If there’s too much furniture in a room or the pieces are oversized, consider moving them to a storage unit to free up some space. You want your house to look comfortable and welcoming, but not full.

Stage the Shelves

Shelves are one of the trickiest parts of staging a home. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed by trying to curate the perfect collection of shelf decorations. Just keep it simple! Gather the decor items from your house into one place and then slowly find places for them on your shelves, one by one. Go for variety. Mix up sizes and heights, shapes and patterns on the shelves. And remember that less is more when it comes to shelf decor. Simplicity is best. 

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