The internet is chock full of listings for homes for sale these days, but how can you tell if an online listing has expired?

Signs That an Online Listing Has Expired

If you’re in the market to buy a house in Huntsville, it’s only natural to want to be first in line when a home hits the market. But that comes with a price. So how do you know if you missed a deal? Here is a big sign that a home has expired on Craigslist, Zillow, or any other listing website:

  • The listing does not go live with the zooming property photos Usually, that would be a sign the property has expired. But if you go to the property on the listing website, it will still show the pictures that came with it. Also, the listing will show that the property has a sell-by date and cannot be relisted until then. 

If the address you are viewing is not in the area that you are interested in, there are ways you can be sure the house is no longer for sale. Here are a few signs that your information may be out-of-date: 

  • An address that no longer exists 
  • The owner of the home has moved 
  • The listing does not exist in the area you are interested in 
  • The home does not list the correct home owners’ association for the home 

You can also make sure the listing was published correctly. You can use Google’s Street View 

feature to view 360 degrees of the inside and outside of the home, you are interested in. You can also lookup the home in MLS, and see the exact number of days the home was listed for, as well as the estimated number of active and expired listings for the house.


If you’ve seen your neighbor’s home listed online, and you have a good idea how much you think it would cost to buy the house, you should check the status of the listing. Is it expired or is it the most recent updated listing? You can check by visiting the Alabama Board of Realtors’ website, which has a handy listing search tool. Once you get there, enter your ZIP code, and look for the designated homes for sale section. There you’ll see a list of homes currently for sale in the area and the date on which the listing expires. If your home is on the list, the site will update the list with newer, current homes. The term “expires” refers to the home’s ownership. If the home was once for sale but has since become privately owned, the listing should no longer appear.

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