Tips to Stage Your Home Like a Pro in Alabama

If you’re attempting to sell your home, you may be wondering whether or not you should stage your home. Keep reading for our opinion.

Why You Should Consider Staging Your Home

Simply put, if you want to sell your home in the traditional way, you will need to stage it. There are pros and cons to staging. Pros of staging include higher sale prices, more effective marketing, a better resale value, more efficient and happier homebuyers. The Alabama real estate market has historically been quite competitive. With that said, Alabama’s real estate market is also hot right now. The typical time on the market is just 12 days for a home in Jefferson County, which is pretty amazing.

How to Stage Your Home

If you’re wondering whether or not staging your home will help you increase the sale price, the answer is YES! Doing so can help make your home more appealing to buyers. However, staging isn’t necessarily easy. Staging is done to make a house appear and feel like the same home as it does in a photograph. You can do a few different things to make your home look and feel like a top-quality property. 

  • Nail down your budget – To make staging affordable; it’s essential to know what you have to budget for. 
  • Don’t plunge into too much stuff – Just because you’re selling your home doesn’t mean you should pack all of your favorite souvenirs in boxes and store them in the garage. First, decide how much you can truly get rid of, and if you have to break down a box or two, do it. 
  • Get rid of anything broken – Many people believe breaking down their sentimental things is the only way to stage a home for sale.
  • Take photographs – Each room should be professionally photographed from multiple angles. Use the images to choose furniture and decor. Hire a decorator. Someone skilled with home staging should come to your home and help you pick out color palettes and furniture to showcase your decorating style.


How to stage your home when it’s time to sell can be one of the most important decisions a homeowner will make. If a home doesn’t sell without the help of professionals, it’ll likely be torn down and turned into something that you’ll never see. Choosing the right decorators, professional photographers, and managers can make a significant difference on whether or not a home sells or not. It’s clear that staging your home is not easy, and can be one of the most stressful parts of selling your house. 

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