If you’re familiar with housing trends or have researched home improvement, you’ve probably heard of the term “open concept floor plan” more than a few times. It seems like most new home buyers are eager to buy a house with this type of floor plan. Homeowners with older properties have sledgehammers in hand, ready to tear down those walls and doors.  

Are you ready to design an open floor plan for your home? Stay tuned to find out why these floor plans are all the rage. 

So, Why Are Open Concept Spaces a Big Deal?

As the name suggests, open concept floor plans are all about expanding a home’s space. Many real estate agents believe that individual, partitioned rooms are outdated. Spaces that most families heavily use, such as the kitchen and living room, can be joined to create more spacious areas thanks to the elimination of walls and doors that divide rooms. Furthermore, open concept floor plans can help reduce empty, unused space.

Learn more about the three main styles of open concept floor plans in today’s blog. 

1. Living Room and Dining Room Combination

Combining your living room and dining space is a fantastic solution if you’re looking to have more room to entertain loved ones at parties and get-togethers. You can use multiple paint colors in both areas to create a visually unique space while preserving an open feel. 

2. Kitchen and Living Room Combination

Combining your kitchen with the living room is the best way to bring together everyone in your house. A floor plan that merges these two rooms allows the family master chef to socialize with the rest of the family as they relax in the living room.

3. Kitchen, Living and Dining Room Combination

If you’re a social butterfly, you may want to open up all three rooms to create one massive communal space. This particular room can have visual divisions between specific spaces, but the area will achieve a feeling of proximity between everyone living in your home.

Do I Need to Remodel My Home for an Open Concept Space?

You’re probably excited about implementing an open concept space into your home; however, if your home is too small, you may not be able to achieve it. Before you start tearing down walls, you’ll need to work with a contractor or structural engineer who can assess your home’s structural integrity, existing structural supports, and the location of your plumbing. 

Local Home Buyers Can Help

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