If you plan on selling your home, you may have done some cursory research by now. You’ve probably stumbled upon the term “open house.” So, what exactly does it mean? An open house is a set period when numerous prospective buyers can swing by and check out your home without an appointment. 

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Information on Open Houses

A seller’s real estate agent will usually take over the open house presentation, but sometimes sellers prefer to host them. These presentations typically take place on the weekends during a set range of hours. To maximize the success of your open house, we recommend you host yours at around noon; this is the perfect time because most people are awake by then, and it’s not so late that you have to worry about people being tired. 

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Benefits of an Open House for Prospective Buyers

You may be wondering, “What if no one shows up to my open house?” After all, you don’t want your time and money to go to waste! Luckily, you won’t have to worry if you and your agent market your home online. Prospective buyers love attending open houses for the following reasons:

They get to check out their competition: Attending open houses helps buyers gauge interest from other buyers. These observations can help a buyer determine how quickly they need to submit an offer to you, and it will also help them set an offering price. 

They won’t have to worry about setting up a viewing: Although private home showings are always a plus, sometimes, a buyer may not have time to attend one. Since open houses run for several hours, an interested buyer can show up on their terms. 

They can redefine their non-negotiable home features: Looking at a house in person can help a buyer redefine their must-haves list. For instance, they can reevaluate if they need that extra bedroom or if a small backyard is a deal-breaker. 

The Process of an Open House

  • The seller and their agent set up a day and time for the open house. 
  • The agent creates a listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • The agent advertises your home online and distributes flyers. They’ll also post about it on their social media pages, where prospective buyers can ask questions.
  • The agent will buy snacks for the presentation. (Yes, interested buyers can eat the cookies!)
  • You and your agent can both host the event. You’ll have to answer questions about your home and the community. 
  • Interested buyers will take off their shoes and leave them at the door. If you allow them to, they’ll take pictures and videos. Some buyers prefer to record the presentation rather than jotting down notes (after all, not everyone likes their handwriting). 

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