Are you planning on selling your home, but you don’t know where to begin? For starters, you’re considering the optimal time to sell your home. At the same time, you’ve found yourself asking, “Is there a perfect time to sell my home?” The “right time” means something different to each person. It’s nearly impossible to optimally time your home sale.

A few years ago, conventional housing wisdom held that the best time to sell a home is in the spring or the summer, right before your kids go back to school. However, the current real estate market is anything but conventional. While it still reigns true that most home sales occur in the spring and summer months, a continuous decline in inventory has elongated the selling season into the fall. Keep in mind that home buying and selling markets vary by season. Warmer areas of the country are much more active throughout the year than most markets. 

Before you stake that “For Sale” sign in front of your house, consider the following factors to decide if right now is the best time to sell your home. 

Life Changes

You can’t always accurately plan out the trajectory of your life. Sometimes situations arise, and you realize that you need to urgently sell your home and move away as soon as possible. A few examples of circumstances that might trigger a big move are:

  • Aging parents who need your help
  • Getting a new job
  • Placing your kids into a better school district
  • Accommodating for the physical needs of your family, such as if you have a child who is in a wheelchair that could benefit from a single-level home

Selling your home in a short period is stressful, but you can certainly ease the burden. Consider selling the house as-is so that you won’t have to make any time-consuming repairs. 

Your Financial Situation 

Personal finances are usually a driving factor behind home sales. If you’ve occupied your current home for several years, there’s a possibility that you may have equity that can be used as a down payment on your new home, to supplement your retirement, or to pay for other major expenses. Another financial factor to consider is the amount of money that you have saved for your move. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of an intrastate move is $2,300. The average price of an interstate move is $4,300. 

Sometimes, you’ll want to downsize your home because your abode no longer suits your current lifestyle. Perhaps your children have left the nest, and you no longer need all the extra rooms. Downsizing to a lower-cost home will free up money for other luxuries and international travel. 

Moving is a life-changing decision, and the best time to sell your home entirely depends on the lifestyle you’re pursuing. Sell your house to Local Home Buyers. Avoid the complicated process of listing your home and all the months of stress that follow. Local Home Buyers wants to help you get back to living the life you want to live.  

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